Acoustic guitars

The acoustic guitars that I build are mainly those that made me dream or that just keep me dreaming. Whether it is Mr Mart or Mr Gibs, they're all part of some timeless art that just fascinates me.


However, for musicians, I also build a guitar that we have previously designed together and that can move a little, or a lot, from the "standards" established by the major manufacturers mentioned above.


Each guitar is totally customizable to your desire, in terms of wood, specifications or decorations...

This is the time to allow your dreams to become reality.

Therefore, the specifications sheets that I give here are only indicative (as I already have varied some data, such as the depth or body or nut width, according to the wishes of the musician). And for all guitars, the cutaway option is available of course...

Jumbo              Steiny Ike Everly

Body length: 20.28"

Upper bout: 11.73"

Waist: 9.52"

Lower bout: 15.98"

Body depth: 4.72"

Scale length: 25.34"

Jumbo        Advanced 45

Body length: 20.31"

Upper bout: 11.57"

Waist: 10.55"

Lower bout: 16.14"

Body depth: 4.8"

Scale length: 25.34" or 24.75"

Super Jumbo

Body length: 21.02"

Upper bout: 12.40"

Waist: 10.35"

Lower bout: 16.88"

Body depth: 4.80"

Scale length: 25.34" or 25.5"

Auditorium OM

Body length: 19.37"

Upper bout: 11.33"

Waist: 9.05"

Lower bout: 15.11"

Body depth: 4.13"

Scale length: 25.34"

Grand Concert       00

Body length: 19.37"

Upper bout: 9.80"

Waist: 8.26"

Lower bout: 14.37"

Body depth: 4.13"

Scale length: 24.9"

Grand Concert        LG

Body length: 19.13"

Upper bout: 11.25"

Waist: 9.52"

Lower bout: 14.76"

Body depth: 4.13"

Scale length: 24.75"


Body length: 18.58"

Upper bout: 11.57"

Waist: 10.31"

Lower bout: 16.06"

Body depth: 4.13"

Scale length: 25.34"